Gardening Working Party

Gardening Working Party

Sunday 7 July 2024
10:00 - 13:00
Alison Payne
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The ground is currently maintained by a small group of volunteer senior members on Monday and Friday mornings. To support this I am asking for additional volunteers to make up a working party 10am to 1pm on Sun 7th July. This would mainly involve cutting back vegetation, clearing a dry ditch and moving some heavy fence components.

We have limited tools so if anyone can bring additional tools such as shears, hedge trimmers, saws etc it would assist.

Due to the presence of stinging nettles and brambles, appropriate clothing is suggested.

This working party is open to everyone. There are strenuous and less strenuous tasks to be tackled.

The bar will be open from 12 noon.

Any queries please email me at

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